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Los Angeles, CA
July 2022

Roller Angel

Helpdesk Technician / GLOBE Community Support
UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) / The GLOBE Program

Roller works at UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) on The GLOBE Program as part of the GLOBE Community Support Team. He prefers to use FreeBSD on his work laptop, which helps him do his job with ease. He spends most of his time helping people learn how to accomplish their goals using technology. He is an avid BSD user and Pythonista who enjoys learning all the amazing things he can do with BSD and Python to solve issues. He is a firm believer that one can learn anything they wish to set their mind to. He is getting more involved in contributing to open source projects in his spare time. He uses BSD and Python to help him learn more about the computer and to assist him with his many side projects and help him automate and manage various aspects of his life.