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Guinevere Saenger

Software Engineer

In 2016, Guinevere Saenger transitioned from being a full-time professional pianist to a career in tech. To do so, she obtained a spot at the highly competitive Ada Developers Academy in Seattle, a year-long, tuition-free, bootcamp-style software development training program for women and nonbinary people making a mid-life career switch into tech. Guinevere currently is a Kubernetes doula on the Delivery Team at GitHub, writing deployment automation tooling and keeping GitHub’s Kubernetes infrastructure happy. She has been very active in the Kubernetes open source community and has helped write the new Kubernetes Contributor Guide as well as spoken at KubeCon on the topic of learning Kubernetes. She is @guincodes on Twitter and blogs at
Making her home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Guinevere enjoys music, food, and the outdoors.