Stuart Langridge
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

Data collection is in the news, and people are uneasy about it. We decided as a society that we’d rather pay for things with our data and our eyeballs than our money, but what’s being done with our data goes beyond what almost anyone expected. Here, we’ll look at history and then talk about ways to fix this; ways to still allow businesses to gather the data they need to provide the best services but without disquieting their users. Whoever gets this right will define the next ten years of computing, in the same way that mobile did and social did. Privacy could be the next big thing.

Paul Wilkinson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: HAM Radio

With little effort a very powerful HAM repeater can be made with a Raspberry Pi, two HAM radios, and an internet connection. Some additional, yet inexpensive, hardware is required. System can be used for disaster services, or even a club repeater system. Access to world-wide communications, via the internet, is enabled via the Pi.

Austin Froelich
Audience: Everyone

Human error is an inevitable part of managing a baseball team. With the programming language R, statistical analyses can be run to determine which velocities are more favorable to the batter, which pitcher handedness is more favorable, which pitch types are more favorable, and more. Also, simulations on R will take in real-life stats of the players and run batter versus pitcher simulations to determine if the actual result was a common result of the simulations, and what moves could have been made to give the Dodgers a better chance at winning.

Rikki Endsley
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Mentoring

Imagine you could reprogram the tech industry: What would you change so you could enjoy life and work better? There are many behaviors we engage in that help each other, and many that don't. Rockstar worship, tolerating brilliant jerks, and working excessive hours are examples we could do without. In this talk attendees will learn about practical ways they can help reshape our industry to promote kindness and positive collaboration, to reprogram it in a positive way.

Alistair Francis
Topic: Embedded

Alistair will be talking about why he uses OpenEmbedded for RISC-V development at Western Digital. This will include a general overview of RISC-V and how it is being used as well as an update on OpenEmbedded support. He will also include some demonstrations of what is currently working on RISC-V built by OpenEmbedded.

Chris Smith
Topic: Developer

A hhandful of design ‘rules of the road’ that mitigate the disadvantages and maximize the advantages that come with building distributed systems

Rita Zhang, Sertac Ozercan
Topic: Kubeflow

Learn how to deploy machine learning components to Kubernetes with Kubeflow on Azure and how to scale and test machine learning experiments in parallel using Helm, Virtual Kubelet, and Azure Container Instance.

Murriel Perez-McCabe
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

Maintenance is not exciting or revolutionary, but still remains as a critical component in your systems infrastructure. This talk will review some approaches for maintaining healthy, happy, and well-tuned systems, whether you are caring for pets or cattle, or a mix of both. Modern infrastructure has evolved from on premise hardware and data centers to hybrid environments, cloud infrastructure, containers, servers, serverless, and more—often with various SaaS products thrown into the mix for fun and profit.

Yuki Sawa
Audience: Developer
Topic: Cloud

ShadowReader is a serverless load testing tool that leverages AWS Lambda to replay production traffic to testing environments. The talk will go over its serverless architecture and how it’s been used to diagnose Node.js memory leaks occurring on the production website but not in QA.

Ted Gould
Audience: Developer
Topic: Ubucon

Desktop apps have lots of interactions between different parts of the system, so confining them can be hard. Talking through the various interfaces required in making the Inkscape snap along with future plans to use newer interfaces still in testing. Also will look through building Inkscape using Snapcraft and the Lauchpad builders.