Keith Fiske
Audience: Developer
Topic: PostgreSQL

This talk will discuss the extensions development process from the ground up and expand upon that using my experience developing several widely used projects (pgpartman, mimeo, pgjobmon, etc). The talk will mainly focus on best practices, lessons learned and tips for creating your own software projects in PostgreSQL.

der hans
Audience: Intermediate
Topic: Ubucon

Debian-based package management has been rock solid for many years. Still, there are complexities and nuances to explore. This talk will be a tour of distribution provided software management tools and features in Debian and Ubuntu. Attendees will learn about common software management tools, features of Debian packages, parts of Debian packages, helper tools, configuring and reconfiguring software,, prioritizing and pinning software upgrades, snaps, and some differences between Debian and Ubuntu.

Alan Ott
Audience: Everyone
Topic: SysAdmin

From scientific data to food pictures, we're creating more data than ever before, and we need a place to store it all. While one can easily spend big bucks with a proprietary storage vendor, there are free and open source solutions available, the most versatile being Ceph. Ceph is a fault-tolerant, scale-out, software-defined storage solution designed to run on commodity servers and disk drives. Ceph provides object, block, and filesystem storage, suitable for cloud service data, VMs, or regular files in a way that's resilient against drive or server failures.

Tori Wieldt
Topic: DevOpsDay LA

No matter how you define it, the Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) role is clearly expanding into more and more companies. To be effective in this new role, SREs must possess a depth of understanding of how different systems work together, how they fail, how they can be improved, and how they can best be designed and monitored. Here are the steps you’ll need to gain acceptance and maximize your effectiveness, whether you’re still figuring out how to create a site reliability practice at your company or you’re trying to improve the processes and habits of an existing SRE team.

Lance Albertson
Audience: Everyone
Topic: General

The OSU Open Source Lab is a free vendor-neutral colocation hosting facility that provides a variety of hosting services for FOSS projects from around the world. This session will cover the current status of what the lab has been up to and other new services we’re planning on releasing soon. Some of the interesting technologies we’ve been working with include OpenStack, OpenPOWER, GPU+OpenStack integration, Ceph storage, Open Compute hardware, GCC Compile Farm, Chef, Packer, Docker, and Kubernetes to name a few.

Audience: Everyone
Topic: BoFs

Come join Sugar Labs as we discuss the future of the Sugar and Sugarizer UI/Environments, as well as our many volunteer opportunities.

Craig Gardner
Topic: openSUSE

Storage needs are growing .... faster than expected, and faster then can be accommodated by traditional storage. Non-traditional storage solutions are necessary, available, and wonderfully capable. This talk will discuss the problems of the growing shortage of storage, illuminate the hidden secrets of Software Defined Storage (SDS), and demonstrate how Ceph distributed storage is an application for today's storage challenges and prevents tomorrow's growth problems. SUSE participates significantly in the development of Ceph, both for the casual user as well as for the Enterprise.

Jon Neill
Audience: Everyone
Topic: Open Data

L.A. County’s Internal Services Department has recently deployed an open-source Data Lake based on the Hadoop ecosystem. Jon Neill, Program Manager for ISD’s Data Analytics Team will discuss the vision, approach, and challenges in rolling out a modern data analytics platform in a large multi-departmental, multi-stakeholder governmental agency.

Damon Edwards
Audience: Everyone
Topic: SysAdmin

Wouldn't everyone in operations love more time to work on exciting projects? But instead, traditional systems administrator are often buried in interruptions and repetitive work. Along comes a new way of working called Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). But SRE seems too good to be true! People doing what sysadmins used to do, but with less interruptions, drudgery, and repetitiveness? This talk will take a close look at what SRE is and isn't. Then we'll look at how to move to an SRE style of working, and what you should expect to get in the way.

Michael Meskes
Audience: Everyone
Topic: PostgreSQL

The Elephant Shed is an Open Source PostgreSQL Appliance that bundles and integrates proven components, required for easy management of a PostgreSQL server. Proven tools for all relevant aspects are already preinstalled and preconfigured. The majority of these tools can be controlled via a comfortable web interface. Even experienced PostgreSQL administrators will hardly find an area not covered by Elephant Shed PostgreSQL appliance.