Vyki Englert

Data Strategist
Compiler LLC

Vyki is a software developer, cartographer, and cyclist who fell in love with Los Angeles after landing in downtown in 2012. Raised in a college town on the east coast, she was introduced to advocacy early and has found herself pushing for change in a world that often shies away from progress.

In 2014 Vyki cofounded Compiler LA, a civic tech consultancy dedicated to building a better Los Angeles. Previously Vyki worked at NationBuilder building a national voter file to empower smarter campaigns. She also built Onebox, an open source ruby gem, as an immersive learning experience and hands on intro to the open source community for new developers.

Vyki helped launch the city of Santa Monica's open data initiative by publishing the city's first datasets online, as well as launching new websites tailored toward engaging the public in the city's planning and development processes.

Currently Vyki serves as a member of the National Advisory Council to Code for America.