Kenneth Wyrick


a) Operating Systems - Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch
b) Server & Desktop Applications: OpenACS Community Systems (Project Open and dotLRN packges), Virtualbox, PuppyLinux, AVLinux, Mepis, Sugar OLPC, GIMP Image Editor, SeaMonkey, Scribus DTP, and others

Hardware: AMD, Intel, mobile wifi broadcasting, remo

Web Site content Management
Organizational Capacity Building
Adult Literacy Programs
Information Technology Management
Science & Technology Issues
Design Services
Community Calendars
Computer Training
Lifelong Learning Programs
Communications Plan Development
Alternative Schools
Freedom Schools
Computer Donation Programs
developing: community educational websites
producing: multi-media presentations
fostering: community awareness collaborations
facilitating: events, fundraising, and fine art curatorial services consulting
teaching: teachers and mentors computer software applications