Grant Kirkwood

CTO / Founder
Unitas Global

Grant Kirkwood is the founder and CTO of Unitas Global, a provider of custom Enterprise Cloud solutions for organizations around the world. The company offers its solutions to mid- and large-size enterprise, operating from 35 datacenter deployments worldwide.

A serial entrepreneur and technologist at heart, Grant has always been at the forefront of open source technologies. His first company began offering web application development and hosting based on open source technologies in 1997. At Unitas, he serves as an advocate for adoption of OpenStack, leading its development efforts but Grant also spends much of his time talking with customers to help them formulate a cloud adoption strategy.

Before founding Unitas Global, Mr. Kirkwood served as CTO of PacketExchange, a London-based global network service provider. Prior to PacketExchange, he founded Mzima Networks, a performance-optimized bandwidth operator for web and online video applications.