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Friday Jan 22nd 2pm - 6pm
Saturday Jan 23rd 10am - 6pm
Sunday Jan 24th 10am - 2pm

2ndQuadrant is the world’s leading authority on the open source PostgreSQL RDBMS, backed by a world renowned team of highly experienced software experts. Trusted by some of the world's leading organisations, 2ndQuadrant serves clients from every sector, small and large.

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All Things Open is the largest "open" technology conference on the east coast. Taking place in Raleigh and the Research Triangle area of North Carolina every October it regularly features nearly every major technology company, as well as many of the most well known experts in the industry. In 2015 more than 1,750 attended from 36 states and 16 countries. More than 2,500 are expected in 2016.

Bigtop is a project for the development of packaging and tests of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

The primary goal of Bigtop is to build a community around the packaging and interoperability testing of Hadoop-related projects. This includes testing at various levels (packaging, platform, runtime, upgrade, etc...) developed by a community with a focus on the system as a whole, rather than individual projects. Packages have been built on Ubuntu 10.10, CentOS 5/6, Fedora 18, Mageia 1, openSUSE 12.2. They can probably be built on other platforms as well.

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The Apcera trusted cloud platform is a highly secure, policy-driven multi-cloud platform for cloud-native applications, containers, microservices and legacy applications. Apcera enables developers and DevOps teams to use any modern tool or software they want while giving IT and Operations teams the assurance that their infrastructure is safe and secure. With Apcera, companies can innovate at speed with full confidence and trust.

AREDN™ moves wireless networking from inside the building to the City, County, and Region level for use by the Amateur Radio community.    AREDN™ firmware, based on OpenWRT, creates a mesh network over long distance links using U-NII and Amateur Radio unique frequencies in support of Public Service, Advocacy, Education, and Technology advancement. 

American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for Amateur Radio in the United States; and with more than 161,000 members, it is the largest organization of radio amateurs (“Hams”) in the world.  ARRL's mission is based on five pillars:  Public Service, Advocacy, Education, Technology, and Membership.  By design, Amateur Radio has always been an open-source type environment with much of its equipment, tools, and technology being self-built and freely shared (by Hams).  

Artoo is Ruby on Robots. With support for 14 different hardware and software platforms, and a built-in API, there is no easier way to get started in open source robotics.

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AuriQ is a leading provider of innovative analytic solutions that address the need for enterprises to have a 360 degree view of the performance and health of their online business. From complex digital marketing analytics, network performance analytics, big data processing and predictive analytics, our products help enterprises, datacenters, and e-businesses succeed by increasing revenue and reducing operation costs. More than 400 global enterprises, including many Fortune 500, have chosen AuriQ solutions to power their business.

Balabit – headquartered in Luxembourg – is a leading provider of contextual security technologies with the mission of preventing data breaches without constraining business. Balabit operates globally through a network of local offices across the United States and Europe together with partners. Balabit’s Contextual Security Intelligence™ Suite protects organizations in real-time from threats posed by the misuse of high risk and privileged accounts.

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Beachbody creates the nation’s most popular in-home fitness and weight loss products, including P90X®, Insanity®, FOCUS T25®, and Shakeology®. As a $1 billion company, we’re revolutionizing the future of fitness with best-in-class products that get real results. And we need partners to help us blaze new trails.