Use Case for Static Analysis - Samba


Use case for adoption of a static analysis tool as part of the development process

Software authors have a toolkit of utilities that make the development process more manageable. Version control, Bug trackers, Compilers and Debuggers are a well-established baseline of must-haves. New to the list are automated code testing tools that use techniques such as Static Analysis, which examines source code for flaws specific to the programming language used. The technique can identify a wide variety of coding errors, with minimal human effort - of course developer effort is still required to process the identified issues and write patches for the problems. This talk will use Samba as an example use case. Samba started using Coverity Static Analysis as part of the Department of Homeland Security sponsored Coverity Scan effort. The presentation will include technical details about what a static analysis tool can show you, and will track the resulting changes in the Samba codebase over time.

Speaker: David Maxwell