Cloud is not just for greenfield Applications


Migrate your existing applications to the cloud

Developers and architects looking to build new applications in the cloud can simply design the components, processes and workflow for their solution, employ the APIs of the cloud of their choice, and leverage the latest cloud-based best practices for design, development, testing and deployment. In choosing to deploy their solutions in a cloud, they can take immediate advantage of instant scalability and elasticity, isolated processes, reduced operational effort, on-demand provisioning and automation. At the same time, many businesses are looking for better ways to migrate their existing applications to a cloud-based infrastructure so that they, too, can enjoy the same advantages seen with greenfield application development. In this session, Jinesh Varia will discuss a practical strategy to migrate your existing applications to the cloud. He will discuss a phase-driven approach to cloud migration and share stories of several enterprise customers who have successfully migrated to AWS cloud including internal corporate IT applications. The session will be filled with lessons learned, tips and some hidden insights that have not been publicly disclosed yet.

Speaker: Jinesh Varia