Asterisk SCF: The Future of Open Source Communications


This session will be a comprehensive overview of the new Asterisk SCF project

Asterisk SCF will be delivered as a system of distributed components that can be deployed in clusters on a single system or on many systems, transparently. The Asterisk SCF platform will support, as a part of its basic architecture, the full range of real-time IP communications, including video, multi-channel wideband and ultra-wideband audio, chat, desktop sharing and other media types that may arise in the future.

Asterisk SCF is not a replacement for Asterisk, the world’s most widely used open source voice communications platform. Digium and the Asterisk community are committed to the continued development and support of Asterisk, the telecommunications software.

Asterisk SCF is currently in the early stages of development but please join us for a discussion of this exciting new project and an overview of the solution, its capabilities and the wide array of opportunities that it creates for enterprises, carriers and application developers.

Speaker: Bryan Johns