The Positive Internet Company

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The Positive Internet Company is a world-leader in free and open source technologies and hosting--it's all we do.

Since 1998 we have partnered with small creative agencies and the world's biggest corporations alike to get the best out of innovative open technology. We've helped our clients into the Guinness Book of World Records, to the top of iTunes and the app store, made sure major elections ran without a hitch, provided interactive services for some of the world's biggest broadcasters and helped major banks expand into new and exciting global markets. As delighted as we are with these headline-grabbing feats, our proudest achievement is that our very first customer is still with us today

We operate only in the world's leading data centers. Our flagship hub is inside the famous telecommunication landmark, 60 Hudson Street in Manhattan. At every Positive data center, we make sure that you get the very best in connectivity, bandwidth, hardware, security and support, all backed by an open, clear, plain-English service level agreement guaranteeing you what was promised. No slight of hand or mystery locations here--we're open, we're upfront and we're good.

With our flagship service, VIP Managed Hosting, you get our team of techies and world-class hardware and facilities at your disposal, 24/7/365. And we're committed to "all-inclusive" managed hosting: we won't ever nickel and dime you over customer backups, special monitoring or anything else; it's all included in your VIP Service. If you want to manage your server yourself, go with our dedicated servers where we fully support your hardware and network. Still have a growing Internet presence? Our shared or VPS hosting, with our unique support promise, is the right fit for you.

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