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LinuxMCE is a next generation smart home platform, based on Kubuntu Linux. It fuses the capabilities of a multi-homed media center, a home automation system, and a home file server and gateway into a single system, which can be deployed in a home and used as an appliance.

LinuxMCE combines MythTV, VDR, Asterisk, Xine, and other open source projects, along with a comprehensive code base amassing over 4 million lines of code to create a smart home platform unlike any other, seamlessly providing control over:

* Lighting
* Media
* Climate
* Security
* Telecom

All under a single system, inside the house.

The system itself, provides many innovations, ranging from easy deployment of a wide range of devices, to a consolidated storage system unlike any other system on the planet; notwithstanding the only house-wide distributed user interface in existance, Orbiter, which runs on a wide variety of cell phones, TV displays, tablets/pads, PDAs, and even Cisco IP phones.. The whole system is also supported by an active developer community, and readily available development tools to quickly add more features to the system quickly and effectively.

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