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Centrify enables organizations to reduce IT expenses, strengthen security and enhance compliance by centrally securing their cross-platform data centers through Active Directory-based identity and access management. By leveraging Active Directory, organizations have a cost-effective solution for authentication, access control, privilege management, and auditing and server protection for their heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications.

The Centrify Suite has been chosen by over 1,500 enterprise customers worldwide for its quick-to-deploy, easy-to-manage next-generation technology. Built on a common architecture, the seamlessly integrated Centrify Suite of solutions is comprised of:

  • DirectControl centrally secures heterogeneous physical and virtual environments through Active Directory-based authentication and access control.

  • DirectAuthorize centrally enforces role-based entitlements for UNIX- and Linux-based systems and hypervisors.

  • DirectAudit delivers detailed, real-time auditing of user sessions on UNIX and Linux systems and hypervisors.

  • DirectSecure secures sensitive information by dynamically isolating cross-platform systems and encrypting data in motion.

  • DirectManage centralizes the discovery, management and user administration of UNIX and Linux systems through Active Directory-based integration.

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