OS-Level Virtualization : FreeBSD Jails


This presentation will outline the implementation, security concepts, maintenance and use of Operating System Level Virtualization with FreeBSD Jails.

This presentation outlines the use of OS-Level Virtualization with FreeBSD Jails to segregate and secure services and users. FreeBSD Jails offer a very lightweight method of segregating and securing services such as email, DNS, web servers and more. Jails also offer a simple way to offer secure shell access to (un)trusted users. In this presentation I would like to outline and demonstrate the installation, configuration and maintenance of FreeBSD Jails, as well as offer any participants the chance to attack the jails for hands-on experience.

Speaker: Christer Edwards

Linux as a HTPC


Discuss software options that will allow you to set up your own home theater PC. (HTPC)

The presentation will focus mainly on different HTPC software (MythTV, XBMC, Boxee) and show the benefits and downsides of each one. I will talk about what other commercial options are out there Tivo and Moxi as well as look into media streamers such as the Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, Popbox and others. I will also show live demonstrations of some of the software so people can see it running first hand and see some of the features that set each one apart. We will go into why you would want to set up your own HTPC and what sources are available to you. (Hulu, Netflix, Revision 3). We can also touch on some hardware recommendations and good sources for help once you decide to build your own HTPC.

Speaker: Justin Garrison

Byobu: GNU Screen for Human Beings

Unleash the power of your command line environment through this innovative, intuitive take on GNU Screen

UNIX and Linux sys admins have been using the GNU Screen utility for 25 years. While expert Screen users swear of its importance in their toolbox, the learning curve for new users can be quite steep. Enter 'Byobu', an innovative, intuitive approach to GNU Screen. The author of Byobu will introduce the basic flow of operation and also showcase the advanced features of Byobu and GNU Screen.

Speaker: Dustin Kirkland

Securing web applications for system administrators

A presentation covering common attack methods and how to secure web applications when altering the code is not an option.

The ever growing pool of neglected web applications is a breeding ground for malicious activity on the web, and is a concern for web hosting providers whose customers tend to leave no time for security updates after updating their blogs, forums or CMS sites. This talk will cover some basic information on 3 common attack methods as well a 3 easy ways system administrators can address each type of threat and some other details regarding security best practices. Attack: XSS, SQL Injection and insecure upload forms. Defense: mod_security, IDS/IPS (snort/snortsam), and file system monitoring.

Speaker: Robert Rowley

What's New in MySQL 5.5


MySQL is the heart of many Drupla sites. This session covers new features in MySQl 5.5

MySQL 5.5 runs stronger, more reliably, and more efficiently than previous versions. This presentation covers many topics from semi-synchronous replication, scaling, and other improvements found in MySQL 5.5

Speaker: David Stokes
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