Open Source Begins Here

At eHarmony we're an O(n²) problem with over 28 variables to solve for.  What does that mean:  We don't scale using traditional relational databases and we need the optimization and flexibility that tools like

Map Reduce and Linear Programming provide us.  We aren't afraid to try, because we're not afraid to fail; that attitude makes us an innovative market-leader in a $2 billion dollar industry. We're the Netflix where your movies have to like you back; we're the LinkedIn where love your connections; and we're the place long-lasting, meaningful relationships are built online.

Why work for eHarmony? 

Our operations team works closely with developers and product folks to create a highly scalable and automated infrastructure that helps connect people and build long-term relationships.  We want to work on fun stuff, not repetitive tasks, and build a culture that encourages automation and efficiency.  At the same time we're not afraid to spend money where it makes sense and we use enterprise products.

Where do we come from?

Engineers on the eHarmony Operations team have worked at companies ranging from small startups to major internet players.  Some of the companies include Yahoo, Microsoft, AT&T, Ning, Oversee, Earthlink, IGN, RippleTV, Disney, and OpenX.

How do we do it? Open Source

  • We prefer to build it instead of buy it where it makes sense
  • We encourage contributing back to Open Source Projects
  • Some of the tools we use and contribute to: etch, nventory, CentOS, xymon, libvirt, KVM, hadoop, voldemort, MySQL, Hudson, Jira

Enterprise Hardware

  • 3Par and Brocade
  • NetApp
  • F5

Open Communication

Collaborative Environment

Talented People

Fun and Friendly Personalities

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