Featherweight Linux: How to turn a netbook or older laptop into a Ferrari


How do you make that cute little netbook more responsive? Can you run modern software on old, slow machines? Learn the secrets for trimming down your distro so it runs "lean and mean" even on modest hardware.

Slow is the new black! The "netbook" craze, with machines like the Asus Eee, has raised a lot of interest in small and relatively slow hardware. Even if you don't have a shiny new netbook, what about that older laptop sitting in your closet ... that one that you stopped using because it was too slow? Maybe you've wondered if there's a way to bring that old hardware back to life?

This talk will cover ways of configuring a modern Linux distribution such as Ubuntu to run efficiently on slow CPU, low memory machines. You'll see how you can get big performance gains from areas such as:

* speeding up the boot process

* options for lightweight window managers

* performance tools that can help you find bottlenecks

* tuning your kernel

* Finding lightweight alternatives to big applications

Speaker: Akkana Peck

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