Quinn Co


The goal of QuinnCo is to recycle as many old computer systems as they can, and after installing the Qimo operating system, place those computers with children.  They are targeting special needs kids, as well as very low income children.  They donate computers to these children, absolutely free of charge, and the only request we have of the parents is to donate the computer back to us, should they no longer need it. 

Their long-term goal is to set up "chapters" across the nation, whose goals are to implement the same system within those communities, providing computers to children in need, and making technology accessible without regard to disability, economic and familial status.

The goal for being at SCALE is to show as many people how it's possible to change the lives of children in our communities, as well as WHY we should. The hope is to benefit the Expo by providing real-world experience in implementing a charitable version of an opensource system, and to show off how simple it is to make a difference in our communities.  QuinnCo hopes that attendees will leave with a sense of empowerment: an idea that they can do something positive within their own homes and surrounding areas.

To learn more about the work that QuinnCo is doing and the Qimo project, please visit them at booth 6.

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