Engineers Without Borders Orange County


Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit humanitarian volunteer group of Water/Health/Structural/Civil engineers who dedicate themselves to implementing sustainable engineering solutions to communities.

The Engineers Without Borders Orange County professionals have taken on a "Education & Technology" project in Honduras to improve the education curriculum with technology.  The current focus for the project is infrastructure and educational assessment.  EWB-OC plans to install a wide-area wireless network to connect three schools together. 

Previous projects have included implementation of both Trixbox (Asterisk) and Cacti with future plans to introduce Linux to the students. During a 2009 April assessment trip, the group conducted an Introductory Linux class which focused on the use of Ubuntu, Apache, and PHP.

EWB-OC will be traveling to Honduras in March 2010 to implement the wireless network.  The  educational team, comprised of educators from the University of San Francisco who will be assessing the needs of the community, will accompany them.

To learn more about this organization, visit them at booth 77.

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