Linux in Small Environments


Small environments can benefit from implementing a Linux based network with cost savings, but more importantly, with reliability, security and flexibility. This talk takes a common scenario and with various components builds a Linux based network.

Interested in the opportunity of reliable, low-cost computing infrastructure with Open Source Software but not sure how to begin? This session is for you! We'll look at how to put together the right software and hardware for your needs. From selecting a Linux “distribution” to connecting and managing client PCs, we'll explore the options for administration and security.

Speaker: Ken Leyba

Relational vs. Non-Relational


What kind of database do you need?

Thanks to new database projects like CouchDB, TokyoCabinet, Solr and others, there are more non-relational database options available than ever for developers. Yet good information on how to choose what kind of database you need is still scarce. We'll cure that in this talk.

When do you want to use a SQL-relational database? When do you want to use a non-relational database? What are the types of non-relational databases available today? What kinds of things is each well-suited for?

Database geek Josh Berkus will explain how to evaluate the database tasks you need to accomplish, and put you on the road to choosing the database product ... or more likely, products ... which are right for you.

Speaker: Josh Berkus
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