January 20-22, 2012, Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel


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Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs)

Got a passion you'd like to share? Have a community you'd like to connect with? Want some open discussion on a topic?

If so, create or join a BoF session on either Friday or Saturday night at SCaLE 10x. The BoFs will be Friday and Saturday nights, January 20th and 21st. The first start at 18:00 on Friday and 19:00 on Saturday. The last start at 21:00 on both nights.

Sign up on the Birds of a Feather (BoF)registration page or contactSCaLE10xBoFs@socallinuxexpo.org with any questions you have. BoF registrations continue until we run out of rooms or the time slot expires.

What is a birds of a feather session?? It's an informal meet-up or discussion, where SCALE attendees can get together and discuss a shared interest without a pre-designated agenda.


Joseph Conway

PostgreSQL Functions By Example


One of the key strengths of PostgreSQL is its extensability, and at the core of that are functions. In PostgreSQL functions can be used as an end in-and-of themselves, or they can be used to allow the creation of other custom SQL objects such as operators and aggregates.

This presentation will enlighten the audience on the vast array of capabilities embodied in PostgreSQL functions, and illustrate many of the key features through relatively simple examples.


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Weakest Geek

Come see members of the free & open source community face off against each, determining who has the greatest knowledge of geek culture.

Contestant line up for Weakest Geek is mostly finalized, as it stands right now they are:

  • Selena Decklemann
  • Robyn Bergeron
  • Amber Graner
  • Kyle Rankin
  • Tom "Spot" Callaway

Richard Gaskin

Customizing Unity

Unity is the new desktop environment for Ubuntu, having first premiered in version 11.04 and significantly enhanced with version 11.10.

While Unity offers many usability affordances, some Ubuntu users prefer to customize it for their specific workflows.

Linux is famous for its customizability, and Unity is no exception if you know which tools to look for.

This presentation will use software included with Ubuntu 11.10 and available through the Ubuntu Software Center to show you how to customize the Unity interface.

We'll start with a brief introduction to Unity for newcomers to 11.10, and will explore the options in the System Settings as a starting point for tailoring it to your tastes.

Then we'll get CompizConfig from the Ubuntu Software Center to take that customization further. Not all CompizConfig settings are compatible with Unity, and we'll cover the settings you can safely change and note the ones you'll want to avoid so you can tweak with confidence.

For the more adventurous we'll also take a look at dconf and other tools available in the Ubuntu Software Center for even greater control over many aspects of the appearance and behavior of Unity.

By the time we're done both beginners and advanced users should have a good understanding of the power and flexibility of Unity and the tools and techniques that can be used to tailor it for their workflow preferences.


Ralf Pieper

Meet the Cloud

Overview of cloud offerings for your Ubuntu desktop and server starting with SaaS offerings from Google, Mint and SalesForce, moving on to PaaS offerings like AppEngine and Heroku, finally a more in depth look at IaaS at AWS (EC2), RackSpace, and GoGrid as well as building your own cloud using Eucalyptus and KVM.


Earl Malmrose


With the recent switch to two new desktop environments, Unity and GNOME Shell, a lot of people have been unhappy with the new way of interacting with their desktop. Several attempts have been made to remedy this situation, but those all seem like temporary workarounds. A new option has presented itself. In Dec 2011, extensions.gnome.org was launched showcasing a way to easily modify GNOME Shell. Since then, development of new GNOME Shell Extensions has been booming. We will go over the steps to take a default Ubuntu installation, and modify it by installing GNOME Shell and several Extensions that bring back that classic GNOME 2 desktop usability, without losing any of the modern GNOME Shell features. These same Extensions also apply to Fedora.


Nathan Haines

Ubucon Introductions and Lightning Talks

"Past attendees know how inspirational SCALE is, and the Ubucon tradition is at the heart of SCALE's friendly and encouraging atmosphere. This session starts off with people introducing themselves and sharing their Ubuntu experiences. Then the floor opens up for 3 minute lightning talks on each speaker's favoriteUbuntu subject.

No prior speaking experience or advance signups are required- just come share your excitement and passion about your special Ubuntu topic!"


Philip Ballew

Getting involved in open source at a young age

When someone is of a young age, they have many opportunities to contribute to open source projects that you or them might not think of. Young Kids and teens have many chances to participate in open source community, collaboration and development and this presentation will discuss practical examples of them, as well as the obstacles that younger individuals might run into in an open source community when working with individuals who are older then them.



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