Kittens and control


In a world where speech depends on software, free speech depends on free software. Or: in a world where billionaires control our social, work and communication platforms, maybe we need to pay attention.

It is Post Snowden so I can keep this part short. We all know the risks right? I'll summarize it anyway, plus the latest development: AI and privacy fun.

In this kitten-laced presentation I'll make the case for worries about privacy and how open source & decentralization can fix it. Will I mention Musk and twitter? You bet. Also, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Amazon.

And tons of cool, open source, decentralized alternatives from all over. Like Nextcloud (ask me anything!) but also Mastodon, Peertube, Matrix and more. Where do they fit and are they really an alternative? How to use them then? And how do they fit together?

And licenses. Because I must. There is more to tech than... tech. We have to talk about the license, the code behind the code. Can licenses fix our problems? No, but they can help.


Ballroom B
Saturday, March 11, 2023 - 18:00 to 19:00