Why Johnny can't Container: Tips for Application On-boarding to OpenShift & Kubernetes


Johnny Developer has taken 3 months to move his JBoss App to your OpenShift or Kubernetes cluster.  WHY?!  With a little understanding and a few tips tips and tricks, on-obard an app to Containers could take just a few hours.  Learn about (anti-)patterns to look for.  Tips for enabling logging for specific app frameworks.  When and how to externalize configuration.  And the weirdest Docker bug I ever came across when on-boarding a JBoss application.

We'll also discuss how and when to break a Monolith into a Microservice.  Developing a process & practice around Application Migration.  Key process features of Application On-boarding to help ensure Johnny Developer's success.  And, how to scale these processes when you have hundreds or thousands of applications to migrate.

Ballroom B
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:30