PostgreSQL and REST API's The Easy Way


Full stack web application frameworks help developers of all skill levels easily develop custom, responsive, and rich web application clients with secure, scalable servers utilizing relational databases and RESTful services.  One such framework is CUBA-platform.  It contains a Studio integrated with your choice of either Intellij IDEA or Eclipse.


If you’ve ever used Microsoft Access you are familiar with the overall approach used by the CUBA platform. Easy Web Development with CUBA-platform will help you use the CUBA platform to design, develop, and deploy rich, responsive web applications, even if you are not a programmer.  This presentation will show how a single "citizen developer" with a small amount of technical knowledge without the assistance of a DBA or other professional developers can develop a fully functional JAVA application with either no code or a small amount of code.  If you are a professional developer who is already familiar with JAVA even better.  Professional developers can greatly increase their productivity by not reinventing the wheel with common code that the framework handles.  

REST API's for PostgreSQL databases are automatically generated as a by product of the CRUD generation which are .  Moreover, the platform supports web, mobile, portal and desktop clients.  Initial versions of these client types can be genenerated from just a working PostgreSQL database.  Also, the CUBA architecture is extensible in many different ways with  JAVA code, plugins, external REST API's and other extensions.   

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Room 107
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 13:00 to 14:00