Personal Online Security, Privacy, and Password Management


Protect your personal privacy, cloud accounts and passwords. Continuing breaches at high-profile sites prove that you can't rely on sites to protect your accounts. It's your data and your privacy, effectively use KeePassX to protect it.

Today criminals need only seconds to try credentials gained from one site on many other sites. Password managers such as KeePassX help us easily use different, strong and long usernames and passwords for each site. We can also use KeePassX for other good security practices such as unique email addresses and random answers to security questions.

Attendees will learn about what important features to seek in a password manager. They will also see how to use KeePassX for unique credentials (username, password, security questions and answers, birth date, shoe size, etc.) to build account separation for every site. They will become familiar with subaddressing for unique email addresses, command line tools for random strings and dates, hints for speaking random strings, and using a password manager for secure data escrow.

My "Online Privacy and Security Using a Password Manager" article in Linux Journal is based on this presentation.


* account credentials ( usernames, email addresses and passwords )
* security questions and answers
* password manager features
* random string generation
* random date generation
* KeePassX
* KeePassDroid
* data escrow

Ballroom A
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 15:00 to 16:00