OpenNMS Navigational Update


As the OpenNMS project sails into its 19th year, its core goal remains unchanged: to be the de-facto platform for large-scale networked management, while steering true to open-source principles. Changing technology is driving all monitoring players into new territory where both the network and the nodes it connects are increasingly "cloudy".

This talk updates familiar fans, and introduces the curious, to the ways OpenNMS continues to adapt. From increasingly modular and distributed operations with Minion, to new support for streaming telemetry and flows, learn where we're navigating.

OpenNMS is the world's first enterprise-grade network management and monitoring platform developed under the open-source model. Since its start in 1999 it has grown into a comprehensive framework with support for distributed, multi-protocol monitoring of metrics (performance), up/down (service assurance), events (logs and traps), business services, and more, tied together with a cohesive data model. These factors have enabled statistical forecasting, advanced correlation, and other features that were once the domain of expensive proprietary frameworks.

Some of the most exciting recent developments include a new integrated fault / performance UI built using the Grafana app framework and collection of streaming / "push" metrics and flow data including NetFlow.

Ballroom F
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:30