Modules, Servers, and Containers (oh my!)


One issue with Linux Distributions is that they operate as a *distribution* of both the OS and the applications. Fedora set out to disentangle the applications from each other and the OS. However, preserving the user experience Fedora has provided to its users for 10+ years is also important.

Over the past couple years we have restructured the Server Edition of Fedora. The Server Edition is a good starting point as it has fewer GUI requirements, a strong need for parallel availability of versions, and a user base that is most representative of those with the muscle memory we want to support.

For this talk, we will be demonstrating how this “modular distro” works, the UX of using this new distribution, a discussion of how & why modules provide the flexibility we are looking for, and examples of creating and building modules. Finally, we will also demonstrate some cool features the module-aware distribution provides for the simplification of container development and maintenance.

Room 101
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 16:30 to 17:30