Extending Inkscape with SVG Filters


SVG Filters provide a way to achieve effects on vector art that are commonly only associated with bitmap tools. By taking vector objects and doing bitmap operations on them artists can maintain the ability to edit the image while still get their desired effects. They give the artist the ability to control the vector rendering pipeline in powerful ways. Inkscape provides tools to build these filters from the basic building blocks in the SVG specification. There are also SVG Filters that are build into Inkscape that can be used to quickly adjust an work. Learning to use the built in filters, build your own filters and package those filters for other artists to use are all powerful ways of using Inkscape to create dramatic images.

This talk is aimed at all users. It will include some file format discussion and filesystem layout, but they'll be provided in a recipe book format that will make them usable even with limited experience with those technical details.


Ballroom C
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00