Blockchain and linket for mobile users


A linket brand lets a user interact with other mobile users via apps. The linket is analogous to a domain name. It maps to an app id and a network address of the linket owner. When a linket is clicked in a mobile browser of another user, an app is installed and run to connect with the linket owner. The owner can change the mapping of the linket to another app. The mapping is held in a server. Data about the interaction between the users via their apps is written to a blockchain.


A verified social network is made from analysing data in the blockchain. Based on actual app interactions between users. The network shows "what people do and not what they say". In contrast, LinkedIn and Facebook have self-described data from their users. There is no inherent verification in those networks.

We have 2 patents and 12 pendings.


The blockchain patent is "Capacity and automated de-install of linket mobile apps with deep links", #9792101, filed 10 November 2015.


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