Application Monitoring and Tracing in Kubernetes: Avoiding Microservice Hell!


Creating and deploying Microservices is easy. The real problem is how to manage and support these services out in the wild and in production. What happens when these services stop working or worse yet when they are running but running slowly? Which service instance is the culprit? This session talks about how you can leverage Jaeger, OpenTracing, and Prometheus in order to give better visibility into the distributed nature of a Microservice architecture in a Kubernetes environment.


This presentation will discuss key concepts of Instrumentation and Tracing and highlight Open Source Projects available that address these topics:

1) the value of instrumentation and how Prometheus can be used to monitor and measure a Kubernetes cluster

2) what OpenTracing is and the benefits it provides

3) how Jaeger can provide visibility into your applications and services


Will provide a demo of Microservices leveraging Prometheus and Jaeger deployed to Kubernetes cluster.

Ballroom F
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 11:30 to 12:30