Ben Kero

Software Engineer
Red Hat

Ben is a senior software engineer at Red Hat working on the OpenStack project. Previously he held similar titles at Mozilla, Google, and Intel.

In a previous (read: academic) life, he was a community systems administrator at the OSU Open Source Lab, where he administered dozens of large open source projects. He also actively participated in OSU's Linux User Group as their official Safety Officer, and as part of the Open Source Education Lab which aimed to integrate Free Software and ideologies into the university curriculum. After graduating with his shiny piece of paper, he started his illustrious career as a software engineer and sysadmin.

In his spare time Ben is an avid embedded computer enthusiast and has spent countless nights performing arcane rituals on tiny computers. He enjoys the intersection of lifestyle and computers by constructing things like homemade electric bicycles, restoring vintage hardware, electronics repurposing, wearable computers, and making IoT devices.