The Dark Arts of SSH


Many think that SSH is only a tool to get a shell on a remote computer. In fact, SSH has a powerful array of features unique to it that can help protect privacy and security over insecure connections.

Join me as I cover some of the often-overlooked features of SSH that can save your privacy. If you only have a cursory knowledge of SSH, this talk is for you.

We'll be covering things such as:

  • Keys and the distribution thereof
  • Forward and reverse port forwardings
  • Creating tunnels between systems
  • Multiplexing connections
  • Integration with windowing systems

and other tools built on top of this great technology.

As a career system administrator I spend the majority of my time in terminals. SSH is one of the most powerful tools in any sysadmin's arsenal, and becomes increasingly valuable the more you learn what it has to offer.

Room 101
Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 16:30 to 17:30