DevOps Day LA

DevOps Day LA is a full day event targeted at development and operations IT professionals, who wish to improve the interaction between these traditional silos. As IT projects grow in complexity it is critical for development and operations teams to collaborate and work together more closely in order to maintain velocity and ensure project success. Learn how to remove the wall of confusion between your development and operations teams. The 5th Annual DevOps Day Los Angeles event, will be hosted by SCALE, in conjunction with the SoCal DevOps and LA DevOps Meetups. The event will include a full day of sessions, panels, and lightning talks.


10:00 AM  Damon Edwards - Openning Keynote: DevOps: The Future is Already Here — It’s Just Unevenly Distributed 

10:30 AM  Ryan Cresawn - Authoring documentation with developer tools and practices

11:15 AM  John Hautzinger - Operationalizing QA

11:25 AM Dave Nielsen - From Containers to PaaS

11:35 AM Danny McAllaster - Automated Web Application Testing

11:45 AM Justin Mayer - Staying on Top of Linux System Security

1:00 PM James Fryman Lessons Learned in the DevOps Journey

1:30 PM Mark Maun Tools shaping Culture

2:00 PM John Wetherill - Docker is not Enough: Container Orchestration with PaaS

2:10 PM Sean O'Meara Reusability Patterns for Configuration Management

2:20 PM Matt Chung  DevOps for the Enterprise

2:30 PM Corey Quinn Weasel Your Way to the Top

3:00 PM Panel: Containers at Scale -  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

3:30 PM Ski Kacoroski - Incident Command System for Technology Folks

4:00 PM Mike Place - Toolbelt Psychology-- How to use Tools without Becoming One

4:30 PM Sharon Levy - Best in Show 

5:00 PM Closing Keynote: Ben Rockwood - Trust. Empathy. Growth 

Friday, February 20, 2015 - 02:00 to 09:30

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