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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo

Tim Jones

Tim Jones is the president and chief technology officer of the TOLIS Group, Inc., the developer of the BRU brand of data backup and recovery software. In 1994, Tim's vision to port BRU to Linux produced the first commercial, non-development application to support Linux systems at Linux kernel level 0.00pl12. At the time, Tim was the vice president of engineering at Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., the original developer of BRU. Tim's 14 year tenure in the data storage and backup industry includes product management positions at Archive Corporation and Conners Peripherals. Prior to putting the TOLIS Group together, Tim was the director of research and development at EBIZ Enterprises.

Tim has been actively involved in the furthering of Linux through the development of Linux International, the Linux Standards Base project, the Linux Posix project, the Linux Professional Institute. TOLIS is the sponsor of the Linux Tape Device Certification Program.

10 pounds of backup in a 5 pound window - Improving Backup Planning for Growing Environments

With Backup windows becoming smaller - because of either the amount of data being backed up or extended work hours being seen in many establishments - backup methods and procedures for reducing the requirement are becoming more important than ever before. Also, with the myriad new regulations concerning archival of data, extended and off-site storage planning becomes more important.

We will discuss many old and new procedures that can be used in most administration environments to alleviate or reduce the backup load. The discussion will include:

  • Full vs. Incremental vs. Differential Backups
  • Using Multiple Servers/Tape drives
  • Using Libraries with Multiple Drives
  • Using Disk to Disk and Disk to Disk to Tape
  • Using new Virtual Tape Libraries
  • Remote Storage - Near Line or Off Line