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The Third Annual Southern California Linux Expo


The Southern California Linux Expo, wants to bring you a very special event. We have formed the following committees to ensure that the even is a success. If you would like to volunteer your time on one of these committees, please email the committee you are interested in.
In addition, we have an email list used to discuss and plan for the Southern California Linux Expo. If you are interested, please subscribe.

Conference Chairperson:
Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch, SCLUG
Conference Advisor: Dr. Ted Faber, USC/ISI

Community Relations and Facilities Committee
Chairperson: Gareth J. Greenaway, SCLUG
Members: Ron Golan, Meryle Swartz

Technical Committee
Chairperson: Stu Sheldon, ACTUSA/SCLUG
Members: Doug Widmann

Sponsor Committee
Phone: 818-442-1865
Chairperson: Ilan Rabinovitch, SCLUG
Members: Josh Hyman

Speaker Committee
Chairperson: Shyam Kapadia, USCLUG
Members: Karthik Dantu, Erik Hovland, Ramakrishna Gummadi, Noah Jacobson

Public Relations Committee
Chairperson: Orv Beach, SCLUG
Members: Mike Yockey, Jason Riker, Dennis Rex

Operations Committee
Chairperson: Hriday Balachandran, USCLUG
Vice-Chairperson:Imran Shaikh, USCLUG
Members: Parikshit Pol, Neeraj Ahuja, Satyaprakash Vedule

Web and Arts Committee
Chairperson: Lei Zhang, UCLALUG
Members: Ron Golan

Financial Committee
Chairperson: open - email conference chair

Principle LUG Representatives

SCLUG: Gareth J. Greenaway
UCLALUG: Lei Zhang
USCLUG: Scott Kilroy