Capture the Flag Security Competitions at SCALE 16x

With the ever growing field of jobs in Cyber Security, SCaLE has it felt that it should assist in helping expose future generations to training and job opportunities in this field via our security track and other security focused educational opportunities.


At SCaLE 16x, we plan to expand this education to include hands experience via capture the flag competitions. Capture the Flag (aka CTF)  contests are designed to offer educational exercises that offer participants experience in securing or breaking into virtual machines.  We will be hosting multiple rounds of CTF, each targeted at different levels of security experience.


Beginner activities


On Saturday the beginner and intermediate rounds will be challenged using the open source Facebook CTF platform hosted by Cal Poly Pomona SWIFT. Participants will be tasked to answer various questions about many computer science topics ranging from trivia to advanced puzzles based focused on networking and encryption. These rounds are meant for students and hobbyists who simply want to test their capabilities and knowledge as they get started in information security.


Advanced activities


On Sunday we will have our multiple advanced rounds in partnership with Attivo Networks. Participants will be connecting to Attivo’s appliances which will house various virtual machines, with the goal of locating hidden information needed to complete puzzles..


If you are interested in participating in any of our three CTF events please pre-register through the link below or stop by the registration booth on site.