Interview: Sergey Sundukovskiy at ConferenceByWire

ConferenceByWire will be live streaming many of the SCALE conference sessions later this week for those who are unable to travel to Los Angeles.  We took a few minutes to meet with their CEO Sergey Sundukovskiy, so that he could tell us about their services as well as what SCALE attendees can expect from ConferenceByWire.


SCALE: Could you give us a quick introduction?

Sergey:  Sure. My name is Sergey Sundukovskiy. I am a CEO and a Founder of ConferenceByWire, Inc.

SCALE: What is ConferenceByWire?

Servey:  ConferenceByWire is a video-conferencing and video content distribution solution that brings Live and On-Demand Conferences and Conventions directly to a customer’s computer without the need to leave home or office to attend in person.  ConferenceByWire enables conference attendees to signup, discuss, compare and virtually attend professional conferences around the world, taking full advantage of social networking.

SCALE: What is ConferenceByWire doing at SCALE9X?

Sergey: ConferenceByWire partnered up with SCALE to bring, for the first time, SCALE9X sessions to an online audience in real-time streaming mode, absolutely free of charge. The goal of the online real-time streaming solution is to increase SCALE and Linux awareness and bring the conference to the people who could not otherwise attend.

SCALE: Which sessions will ConferenceByWire be streaming?

Sergey: ConferenceByWire will be streaming most of the SCALE9X sessions with the exception of some of the special events. Online SCALE attendees will be able to access real-time streaming sessions through the SCALE schedule webpage or through ConferenceByWire portal by following this link:

SCALE: Will sessions be available for later play back after the event?

Sergey: All streamed sessions will be recorded and archived for on-demand viewing several weeks after the end of the SCALE9X conference. These on-demand streaming sessions will also be available through ConferenceByWire portal.

SCALE: What open-source software does ConferenceByWire use in its streaming solutions?

Sergey: With few exceptions, ConferenceByWire's entire software product stack is open-source. We utilize such open-source software packages as CentOS, Tomcat, Apache, Red5, and Liferay just to name a few.

SCALE: Where can we get more information on ConferenceByWire?

Sergey: ConferenceByWire corporate website is a good source of the information on how ConferenceByWire solution works, including the video explaining our products and services. You can reach it by going to  Additionally ConferenceByWire will be present on the SCALE expo floor in booth #85.