Balancing SCALE

The core SCALE team met at the Hilton today for a pre-SCALE meeting. While the tech team has been there several times, this was the first time the whole team has done so.  Locations of various events have been pretty much finalized; A/V locations and required inventories nailed down; and lots of other details firmed up.

Everyone attending SCALE will get both a SCALE 9X t-shirt (courtesy SCALE), and a SCALE coffee cup (courtesy Oracle). 

Speaking of swag (goodies), there will be a package of swag for those attendees who elect to stay at the Hilton.  Here's an tentative list of that package:

  • A 2 Gig SCALE USB thumbdrive
  • A SCALE button
  • A raffle ticket which puts the ticketholder in a raffle for:
    • A 128 Gig USB thumbdrive  and
    • A red OLPC laptop (!)
  • We're also looking into creating a SCALE 9x poster for attendees - stay tuned on that.

The photo shows most of your fearless SCALE core team in all its geekiness!  From left to right:

  • Gareth Greenaway - Community & Operations Chair
  • Jason Riker - Publicity Commitee member
  • Michael Proctor Smith - volunteer
  • Stu Smith - Tech Advisor
  • Mike Maki - Tech Committee Chair
  • Tom King - A/V Chair
  • Ilan Rabinovich - SCALE Chair
  • Hriday (Bala) Balachandran - Operations Committe member
  • Photographer:  Orv Beach, Publicity co-Chair (not shown)

It's shaping up to be the best SCALE ever!