Erin Quill & Ted Haeger - Novell
Speaking Topic: Linux, Virtualization, and Virtualization Management

Erin Quill has spent half of his two-decade career in high tech working for Novell in various roles, from technical sales to product management. His involvement with open source software comes from an innate love for learning about the the latest in technology. When not skateboarding or snowboarding, Erin spends a lot of time tweaking or hacking various gadgets in order to put them to practical use.

Ted Haeger has been advocating cutting edge enterprise technology for over a decade by using unconventional approaches to understanding and solving ongoing and emerging business problems. Ted has developed a reputation for being one of those rare technology marketers who actually implements and uses the technology he advocates. Ted's characteristically enthusiastic speaking style has earned him a humorous nick name: "Reverend Ted." Today, he is responsible for connecting the worldwide community of avid Novell fans with Novell's business and technology direction. He blogs about his adventures in community marketing, open source, and Linux at

The Xen project makes open source-based hosting of virtualized systems possible

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