Sam Folk-Williams - RedHat
Technical Account Manager
Speaking Topic: Xen Virtualization in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Fedora Core 6: An Overview for System Administrators

Sam Folk-Williams, RHCE is a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat. He has been running Linux systems since Red Hat Linux 9. He is an active contributor to the the Fedora Documentation Project and he is a Fedora Ambassador. Sam writes and edits the Xen and Kernel release notes for the Fedora Project, and also edits the Xen installation guide.

One of the most exciting recent developments in the world of Linux is the maturation of the Xen virtualization platform. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Fedora Core 6 both feature significantly enhanced Xen implementations.

This presentation includes:

  • An overview of Virtualization and how Xen compares to other Virtualization offerings
  • A brief look at the business and technical benefits of Virtualization
  • A high-level view of how Xen works
  • A look at Red Hat's contributions to Xen and the specific details of Red Hat's implementation
  • A more detailed look at the Xen tools available in RHEL 5 and FC 6
  • Detailed examples of different Xen deployments highlighting concerns of specific environments
  • A live demonstration highlighting many of Xen's features
  • A question and answer period
Presentation Slides: PDF

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