Ron Gorodetzky - Digg/Revision3
Speaking Topic: Admin++, what root never told you

Ron attended University of California San Diego after which he did small scale computer consulting. In November 2004 he was asked to help administer a small server for a side project called Digg, a social news site. Soon after he co-founded Revision3, an online production company and distributor. Both ventures have become quite successful in their own spaces.

In this talk will go over some of the lessons he learned from helping to simultaneously build two startups facing different technological challenges. He didn't have former experience dealing with the types of infrastructures and had to learn a lot from scratch making plenty of mistakes along the way.
  • Think about scaling even if you don't need it
  • scaling best practices
  • Automate everything early and often
  • infrastructure administration tools
  • Being investor friendly even if you have none
  • IT for non-technical staff (office and groupware concerns)
  • Tracking your developments (documenting everything)
  • Testing and deployment
  • network concerns
  • hardware concerns (things will fail)
  • datacenter intro (power, connectivity, wiring, etc.)
  • the value of going back and doing things right (tm)

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