Paddy Sreenivasan - Zmanda
Vice President of Engineering, Co-founder
Speaking Topic: Web applications : What is your backup/recovery plan?

Paddy is the Vice President of Engineering and a co-founder of Zmanda, Inc. He is responsible for technical strategy and development of leading software products for data protection. Paddy has over 13 years of experience in development and management of software for enterprise storage. He is actively working on backup and recovery of MySQL databases and Amanda open source network backup project. He has also worked on the development of an open source high-availability clustering solution.

Web applications based on open source technologies such as LAMP have become a common occurrence in enterprise environment. These applications such as SugarCRM, MediaWiki, Blogs store data that are critical for company's success. One of the overlooked mission critical task is the backup and recovery of the critical data maintained by these applications. This session will examine backup and recovery requirements for Web applications, various open source tools that can be used to achieve them and best practices. This session will also cover backup/recovery of open source databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL and integration with open source network backup solution.

Presentation Slides: OpenOffice

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