Mike Maki - National Park Service & SCLUG
IT Specialist
Speaking Topic: Samba for Beginners

Mike began his career with the National Park Service in 1986 as ranger at Channel Islands National Park and spent the next six years either operating a boat around or living on one the five islands in the park. He later transferred to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area where in 1998 changed careers and became an IT Specialist for the Park Service. It was during this time he started using Linux and began serving files using Samba. Mike lives and works in the city of Thousand Oaks and is an active member of the Simi Conejo Linux Users Group.

  • Basic install of Debian Stable
  • Install of Samba server
  • Config of smb.conf for home directory shares
  • Adding Samba users
  • Connecting from Windows client
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