Matt Ingenthron - Sun
Speaking Topic: A Complete Open Source Stack: Hardware to Web 2.0

Matt Ingenthron works with global Web Infrastructure Customers for Sun Microsystems, Inc. Matt works with customers on leading edge, scalable web architectures globally, regardless of OS or software technology in use.

Topics Include:
  • The OpenSPARC project, what it is (GPLv2 licensed, Open Source processor design including verilog, tools, etc.), who is contributing/implementing, how it can be used today
  • Updates and introduction to OpenSolaris project, what it is, it's features compared to contemporary OSs
  • Deep dive on zfs, it's availability on other OSs (including Linux and BSD)
  • Deep dive on DTrace, what it is and what it does for observability on modern OSs, it's availability on other OSs
  • The CoolStack and CoolTools projects, innovation with the Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP stacks on massively parallel, multicore, multithread systems
  • The new OpenJDK project, what it is (GPLv2 licensed, Open Source Java VM and tools), who is contributing and how to get involved
  • The Glassfish project and subprojects (recently converted to GPLv2), and how they enable Web 2.0 applications
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