Lowell Higley - WannaPlay
Chief Architect and Developer
Speaking Topic: The State of Linux Gaming

Lowell Higley has spent almost 20 years in the IT industry as a hardware engineer (but he can code, too) and marketing manager with organizations such Unisys, NetIQ, Quack.com, AOL and the US Government. Lowell taught MIS and IT topics at San Jose State University and is currently on the faculty of Nevada State College. Lowell is a lifetime gaming enthusiast and has an almost unnatural love for Linux. As chief architect and developer of the WannaPlay Project, Lowell has combined these two interests. He has started down the road of gathering useless facts about Linux gaming and someday hopes to do something useful with them.

The State of Linux Gaming will take a look, from a business perspective, at Linux Gaming today. We'll try to size the market for Linux games, recent successes and failures, a look at the community, and actions to be taken to strengthen Linux Gaming. Open source, commercial, and Wine/Cedega/CrossOver games and initiatives will be included. Finally, the Wannaplay project, yet another Linux gaming community, will be introduced.

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