Kevin Hakman - TIBCO
Director of Product Marketing
Speaking Topic: Open Source Ajax - the Operating System of the Browser?

Kevin Hakman is the director of product marketing for TIBCO General Interface, the award-winning Ajax and Rich Internet Application framework and toolkit. He co-founded General Interface in 2001, pioneering Ajax in the enterprise. TIBCO acquired General Interface in 2004 to extend its vision for service oriented applications to the end user. Kevin is a contributor to the Web Services Journal and the Ajax Developers Journal and has presented at numerous industry events including the O?Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, the SOA Enterprise Open Source Conference, AjaxWorld Conference & Expo, and The Ajax Experience.

To some, Ajax is about communicating asynchronously from the browser using JavaScript and XML to enhance HTML pages. To others, through their experiences with Google Maps and Yahoo! Mail, Ajax represents the ability to provide desktop-like GUIs. Does Ajax have the potential to become the operating system of the browser? With over 135 open source Ajax kits enabling developers to take advantage of this application architecture for a broad spectrum of uses, it?s important to understand which tools are right for which jobs.

Kevin Hakman, Co-founder of the acclaimed open source AJAX RIA toolkit, TIBCO General Interface, and leading expert on Ajax technologies in the enterprise, will examine the landscape of open source Ajax projects in an effort to tease apart and classify their role in solving different application development and deployment needs.

Topics he will cover:

  • Communication libraries
  • User Interface Components
  • Rich Internet Application frameworks
  • RIA Frameworks with robust visual tooling
Presentation Slides: Powerpoint

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