Ivan Wallis - SSH Communications
Sales Engineer
Speaking Topic: New & Improved: How a More Modern IT Security Model Can Better Protect Enterprise Data on Linux System

Ivan is an enterprise sales engineer for SSH Communications Security and provides customer training on the SSH Tectia solution. Ivan has extensive knowledge in X.509 certificate and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Ivan received his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Prior to joining SSH Communications Security, Ivan worked on software and security toolkit integration for Entrust in Canada.

Today's security approaches often fall short of providing complete protection for enterprise data and information because they typically focus on securing only select points of networking vulnerability, or only provide protection against external threats. Therefore, a new comprehensive enterprise security model is needed - one that enables new ways of deploying and managing security solutions throughout the entire IT-infrastructure and vital business applications.

End-to-end communications security is a modern approach that overcomes the limitations of today's enterprise security approaches for protecting data communications from start to finish. Operating between the applications and the IT infrastructure, this concept of end-to-end security provides central manageability for both security software and policies across the enterprise, and delivers an order of magnitude improvement in security against both internal and external risks.

Ivan Wallis, security applications engineer from SSH Communications Security, will discuss the inherent limitations of existing enterprise security approaches and will outline the key elements of an end-to-end IT infrastructure, highlighting the tremendous security benefits this approach offers enterprises of all types using Linux systems.

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