Frank Wiles - Revolution Systems
Speaking Topic: Introduction to mod_perl 2.x

Frank Wiles has been active in the Open Source community for over 10 years and is the founder of Revolution Systems. He has published many articles on topics ranging from PostgreSQL, large scale E-mail systems, systems administration, and Perl/mod_perl programming. His current focus is in building easy to use web applications with Apache/mod_perl and PostgreSQL.

1) Intro. What is mod_perl and how does it differ from other web technology such as CGIs, servlets, etc. Some example sites that use mod_perl such as Ticketmaster, Slashdot,, etc.

2) Using mod_perl to speed up Perl CGIs.

3) Extending the Apache webserver with mod_perl. With mod_perl it is possible to replace or augment any of the Apache server's "phases" such as server startup, child startup, or the connection, auth, content, and/or logging phases.

4) Configuring Apache from Perl.

5) Using I/O filtering. With mod_perl you can write I/O filters to do things such as implement templating systems, changing the output of proprietary/legacy systems' output, etc.

6) Creating custom Apache configuration directives.

7) Q&A

Presentation Slides: OpenOffice

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