David Uhlman - ClearHealth
Chief Executive Officer
Speaking Topic: Open Source Business Applications

David Uhlman is CEO of ClearHealth Inc. a Phoenix based software company committed to furthering and improving Open Source software for business. David has a long background with Open Source Software and the business of Open Source. He has been a contributor to many popular Open Source projects including PostNuke, XRMS, ATCRM, OpenEMR, OpenLDAP, Courier IMAP and others. He has been an executive at several successful Open Source companies from server appliances to financial processing.

David is a frequent speaker on Open Source technology and can be seen at COSTT, SCALE, TEPR, OSCON, and php|Works about general Open Source topics. His writings and articles can be found on OSTG, OsNews and in publications from several popular technology publishers.

This talk offers a fast paced cross section of the 50 best Free & Open Source business and vertical applications available today. From integration apps, mobile tools, web based systems to "old fashioned" desktop software. We will take a look at projects offering e-commerce, groupware, accounting, portals, vertical markets as well as some things a little more obscure. Specifically including expanded looks at SugarCRM, MediaWiki, power using Open Office, the status of Linux design and media tools and more. Regardless of whether you are running Linux or Windows there are application suites that can be used in your business.

This is an updated version of the talk from SCALE 4X
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