Dave Neary - OpenWengo
Free Software Developer
Speaking Topic: OpenWengo - unifying VoIP, video conferencing and instant messaging

Dave Neary is a long-time free software developer.

With OpenWengo, he has found that holiest of grails - a project that he believes in, and gets to work on, and get paid for it. The OpenWengo community is vibrant and growing - and Dave will be helping that growth to continue and accelerate.

He moonlights as chairman of the board of the GNOME Foundation, and in a former life was the release manager of the GIMP.

He lives in France with his wife and two nervous bundles of joy, where he has acquired a taste for Burgundy wine, smelly cheese, and bits of pig that were never meant to be eaten.

OpenWengo unifies all aspects of communication over IP, including: Video conferencing, Computer to computer calls, Computer to phone or cellphone calls, SMS to cellphones, and Instant messaging with MSN, AIM, Jabber and ICQ.

OpenWengo is a GPL project, which depends on a great number of other projects for technology - including osip, exosip, portaudio, boost, gaim and more. We have a young, but vibrant, community which is building up around the project.

Dave will present our technology and our community, including a live phone call home and a video conference. Party tricks may also come out if you're not impressed with that.

Presentation Slides: OpenOffice

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